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We are the who, the what, and the why behind building intelligence.

Between mother company, Vabi, and the need for next-generation building management software, Bryder was born in 2018 to bring property management into the future. Like any good child prodigy, that’s exactly what it’s done. CRM revolutionized the ’90s. Bryder is revolutionizing the now—and making it accessible to everyone.



Headquartered in the Netherlands with a global reach, Bryder is a one-of-a-kind building intelligence platform. The innovative platform allows property management to be done like never before.



Additionally, we introduced the industry to 3D visualization: digital building twins let you focus on any building detail—inside or outside—and will change the way you manage properties. We make it easy to store and manage data, and we make it fun, too.

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In just two years, we’ve become the market leaders, creating nearly 200,000 digital building twins and helping more than 2,500 real estate managers with more than 17 million square meters of property. Those numbers are growing every day as more property managers around the world choose Bryder.



Bryder values simplicity and you do, too. Your job is challenging enough. Your software should serve to streamline your work life, and this platform is customizable so it can meet you where you are.



Value-add partners manage data enrichment and quality processes, connecting suppliers and data users, to enhance your experience. It’s better for you. It’s better for your clients. It’s better real estate management.

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