Building Intelligence Platform from Bryder – real-time insights that drive performance.

Building Operators today face a myriad of difficult challenges.

Managing a portfolio of properties isn’t an easy task and property managers have to interact with multiple stakeholders while successfully wearing multiple hats.¬† Budgets are under threat and costs are climbing. Enter Bryder, the first of its kind cloud-based solution specifically designed for the needs of property managers.

Answer Key Questions in Seconds

Bryder Building Intelligence Platform automates and centralizes building data so that you can obtain answers to key questions within seconds; not days. That means working more efficiently and productively so that you can focus on being more productive.


Become a Productive Building Operator

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven digitalization services, machine learning technology, photo recognition, standardized database and a data quality dashboard transforms you into a Bryder productive building information manager.


Manage Building Knowledge Visually

Stop fighting with cluttered inboxes, messy spreadsheets, paper-based floor plans, or running around extracting information from your colleagues.  Work smart with Bryder Building Intelligence Platform and Digital Twins for Buildings services.


Empower internal & external team collaboration

Search data from portfolio to elements, visualize and localize property data, create on demand custom made dashboards & reports for your stakeholders: tenants, investors and contractors.


Become the property manager that everyone envies. Bryder delivers results.

Gain Portfolio Visibility

Increase Productivity

Reduce Operating Costs

Building Intelligence Platform from Bryder

Join the revolution in property management software and start managing your properties in a more efficient way. Getting started has never been easier.

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