Building Intelligence cutting-edge technology that brings property management to the 21st century.

Building Intelligence technology combined with our Digital Twins for Buildings service, automates and centralizes building data to help you obtain answers to key questions within seconds not days. Bryder’s cost efficient solution delivers a digital twin for building (3D geometrical model of the interior and exterior of a building), a 2D floor plan, as well as surface and volume measurement and much more at an unprecedented cost per m2. Our cloud-based solutions are centered around security and quality and to prove it we have put in place a series of partnerships and certifications.

Security in Mind

Your property data is key to your building operations. With that in mind, we follow industry standards and strict security protocols to ensure the security of your data.

Microsoft Partner

At our core, we collaborate and establish a close working relationship with Microsoft by integrating Microsoft technologies and storing building data on the Microsoft Azure platform.

ISO Certified

Your building information is so important to us that Bryder has gone one step further by reaching the coveted ISO 27001 certification for information security management.

Quality focused

In addition, Bryder is ISO 9001 certified which guarantees that we consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Bryder Building Intelligence technology includes the following features

3D building model at its core

Managing buildings is as much your core business as it is ours. Our platform revolves around our unique 3D building model.

We create a digital twin of your building, enable localization and visualization, and enrich your property data at the same time.

Smart Building Intelligence capturing & storage

AI-driven digitalization services, machine learning technology, standardized database and a data quality dashboard transforms you into a Bryder productive information manager.

Smart data search & reporting

Search data from portfolio to elements, visualize and localize property data, create on demand custom made dashboards & reports for your stakeholders: tenants, investors and contractors.

Collaborate with contractors and shareholders

Be well connected with Bryder by empowering contractors, advisors and inspection agencies to manage and populate required property data.

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