Digital Twins for Buildings are a 3-dimensional representation of the interior and exterior of your building.

Digital Twins for Buildings allow you to focus on being as productive as possible and solving building issues fast.

Digital Twins for Buildings enrich your property data with 3D maps, quantities per building component, m2 of rooms, walls & floors and with m3 of rooms and spaces.

Forget about dealing with paper-based floor plans, spreadsheets, word document, Powerpoint slides and start working with a digital twin model of your building.

Localize and Visualize your property data

Key building information is visually represented in the Digital Twin for Buildings. Get the answers to which buildings have flat roofs? How many m2? How many toilets do we have? Where are they located? Which apartments have two bedrooms and which three? Finding your data and making smart decisions has never been easier.


Easily find Maintenance information

Our digital twin for buildings service gives you immediate access to building measurements and information needed by maintenance crews. From now on, sending bids to contractors will be more reliable as they will contain exact quantities. This eliminates all guess work.


Achieve Execution Excellence with Partners

One building or entire portfolios, Bryder and its partners are ready to digitize your buildings. Simply upload your source materials and we will take care of the rest. We will generate a digital twin of your building and provide you with precise measurements, quantities, and so much more.


Our partners are property data experts and fully versed in our set of solutions.

Bryder Data Partners can assist you in collecting, sorting and digitizing your building source materials. They identify unique types (copies) in your portfolio and save digitization costs.

Our partners manage the process and check the quality on your behalf. Any mutations, corrections or data enrichment can be project managed by our partners.

Become the property manager that everyone envies. Bryder delivers results.

Gain Portfolio Visibility

Increase Productivity

Reduce Operating Costs

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Join the revolution in property management software and start managing your properties in a more efficient way. Getting started has never been easier.

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