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The power of Bryder doesn’t stop at Bryder.
There are many applications you can integrate with your Bryder account and—boom—you’ve extended your reach without overextending yourself. High five!



Customizing your Bryder platform and spinning that web of application integrations gives you greater control over your digital workspace. Better marketing. Better service. Better communication. Building intelligence is collaborative and friendly. Indeed, it works well with others. Put that on our report card. Straight “A”s this semester and every semester.



Think of the Bryder API as your personal messenger. In the old times, this would have been a go-fer that tucked your note in his or her pocket and rode a horse to the next town to deliver it, where he or she might have enjoyed a snack at the saloon while waiting for a response. This was not efficient, but old-times people were doing the best they could given the circumstances.

Seamless Integrations
Bring your whole business software world together.



Bryder API

The “API first” strategy used to develop Bryder means the back end was created first, with the client applications layered on top. Client applications are always available, and they’re tested and ready for authorized third parties to integrate applications or even develop on top of the platform.



This gives you more options for customizing your Bryder experience, on the condition that both Vabi and the customer provide the proper third-party authentication and authorization. If you’d like to learn more about this, please contact us.



On top of that, Bryder’s 3D viewer is based on HTML5 and TypeScript, which are easily integrated into other applications. This way, both the property data and the 3D visualizations can be made available in any modern native and web app.

We value the benefits of integration, so we strive to make it as easy as possible by building partnerships with top software providers to maintain and enhance your Bryder experience.



That’s today’s messenger: it connects applications and gives you a response in a moment. You can use your building intelligence data outside the platform; you can also use the API to import data.



The platform responds to changes you make in these connected applications, so you don’t have to make the same changes twice. This all adds up to quicker response times to inquiries from leads, clients, and co-workers, smoother communications, and more efficient real estate management. Contact us to learn more.

Easy, immediate access to the information you need
no matter where you are.