It’s Time to Take It Online: The Need for Property Management Digitization

When our daily routines get thrown off-kilter, we notice more than ever whether our daily strategies are resilient. One way that property managers see this play out is when they have to make a change in their methods of interacting. And you know there is a lot of managing communications: with tenants, landlords, and tons of other stakeholders. You realize you need more efficiency to make the bottom line work. But you still want to offer excellent service, so what can you do? And how can the digitization of your property management workload can help you solve your productivity problems?


Digitizing your property management workload


Digitization of your work is the key to save time without sacrificing quality when it comes to your doors under management. As a building operator, you’ll see bigger returns on your time invested. Everything from inspections to contracts becomes easier when you move your property management team’s work to the digital realm. We get it: it can be hard to decide that now is the time to make a major change to your system. But whether you’re still using a lot of paper or managing with a combination of digital and paper-based processes, it’s now the time to seriously consider it.


Technological advances that make the transition a game


Luckily, the technologies that are available now will help you save tons of time and effort. From complex photo recognition to standardized databases, they make this a better time than ever before to make the leap to digital. Your team will be able to handle a bigger workload, maximizing their efficiency while still earning your reputation for being on top of things at all times.

Property managers, more than anything else, need to have information at their fingertips. When you receive a request, the time it takes to find the information they need is a key metric for your business. If you have to ask multiple people, rifle through filing cabinets, or dig through email or other less-than-secure computer storage systems, your response time is simply not as fast.

    • Losing valuable paper copies or taking ages to find that piece of info in the filing cabinets? Trade that for clear, searchable dashboards online where you can store information about every little detail. And come back to that with a click of a button.


    • Making tenant and leasing management faster, clearer, and easier to locate in a cloud-based platform.


    •  Coalescing your company’s knowledge of the buildings you manage into one system. Set aside a cobbled-together system that includes both paper floor plans and online spreadsheets. Never quite leaving everyone on the same page.


    •  Managing with the same efficiency a constantly increasing portfolio. When everything is at your fingertips, you can handle every request as it arrives. No more letting them pile up and turn into bigger problems.



It’s time to move on!


Getting set up with a cohesive property management digitization plan is the best way to make answering questions a breeze; it’s the most efficient and reliable plan, and it is less time-consuming than hard-copy and hybrid organization. Once you get through the initial onboarding process, you set foot in a new world. You and your team will have the information you need in an easy-to-find format. You know your business best, but digitization is absolutely essential in the modern market. In fact, you won’t believe the level of efficiency in your operations once you’ve taken the digitization step.