Market Leader in Building Intelligence and Digital Twins for Buildings.

As the market leader in building intelligence we promise our solutions will deliver smart decision making, cost savings and happy customers.

Our web-based platform is the market leader in building intelligence and the perfect solution for managers of real estate portfolios who understand the power of readily accessible information and who are willing to invest in data quality.


Bryder building intelligence platform is the cost efficient solution that is fully centered around these managers’ daily data needs and struggles. It allows them to start small and to grow as their business expands.

Who we are

Bryder is the largest building intelligence platform worldwide. We are also the market leader in digitized property data in the Netherlands. Together with our partners we are numerizing the real estate market at an unprecedented scale.


We are in the process of internationalizing our business and are looking for partners that are willing to develop new revenue streams and to become undisputed leaders in their market.

What do we do

Bryder is a cloud-based building intelligence platform enriched with digital twin models of building – 3D representations of the interior and exterior of existing buildings.


In the last two years, together with our partners, we have generated over 192.000 digital twins for buildings around Europe. Our customer base expands past 2500 users who manage more than 17.000.000 m2 of properties.

How do we do it

Bryder turns real estate portfolio managers into well connected information executives by allowing them to capture, manage and share property data. Managers have instant oversight and insight into each property, from building elements up to entire portfolios.


To assist managers, Bryder works with value-add sales partners who project-manage the digitization, data enrichment and data quality processes while connecting suppliers and data users.

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