Partner with Bryder and grow your business while delivering long term value.

Partner with Bryder today and start seeing immediate results. Bryder offers a specially crafted partner program that offers you full support while generating increased revenues for your organization.

Win-Win Revenue Sharing

As part of our revenue sharing model you will be generously rewarded for your business generating efforts.

Increase Revenue

Clients prefer having one real estate manager working on their property for a long-term period, relying on their expertise and experience to help digitize real estate portfolios, organize data, and manage contractors and departments.

Dedicated Partner Portal

Our partner portal offers features such as CRM, Training & Certification, Document Repositories, Lead Nurturing, Playbooks and so much more.

Lead Generation & Sharing

You will be recommended to Bryder clients and you will receive leads, resulting in higher revenue for your business.

Win a Competitive Edge

Your experience with Bryder, as well as having access to our Building Intelligence Platform software and Digital Twins for Buildings services, will set you apart from the competition and establish you as an experienced and trustworthy expert.

Marketing and Sales Materials

We will provide you will all the necessary marketing and sales materials that you need so that you can easily co-brand them and use them with your own clients.

Our partner program benefits multiple stakeholders

Inspection Companies

Inspection companies are quality driven. They are seen as a trusted data partner and have often established long term relations with their customers.

Collecting data in a structured way is part of their everyday  business. They visit buildings and premises and are extremely knowledgeable about their property portfolio.

Maintenance Companies

Maintenance companies are service driven. They are natural service partners and have established long term relations with their customers. They need to comply to strict service levels.

They encounter a variety of issues on a daily basis and see first hand the issues caused by a lack of quality property data. They want to address these issues but lack a platform to do so.


Business advisors are value driven. They have a unique specialistic knowledge. Business advisors in the field of business process improvement, business information and IT consultants are data and information driven.

They understand the importance of quality data to ensure smooth and efficient processes and customer satisfaction. For them, Bryder delivers a unique platform suited for those engaging with portfolio managers.

Partner with Bryder today!

Reap the rewards that come with our powerful partner program. Obtain long-term value that increases your profits and generates new sources of revenue for your business.

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