Property management software that conquers managers biggest challenges

Property Management Software That Conquers A Manager’s Biggest Challenges

We can’t thrive in today’s world using outdated techniques, and that becomes especially apparent for property managers. Recycle the pen and paper and lock that filing cabinet for good. Taking charge of your business means using property management software that not only helps you run your business, it makes it easy and fun.

In 2017, a survey by Unicom revealed the top five biggest challenges for property managers in both small and large firms:

    • Hiring and Maintaining Staff
    • Growing Revenue
    • Damage and Unexpected Maintenance
    • Time Management
    • Lowering Operating Costs


You don’t have to drown in these problems. Today’s property management software can help you deal with—and conquer—all of it:




Maintaining top talent is a challenge across many industries. Two of the most common reasons people leave their jobs are because they’re not engaged or because they lose trust in a manager.

Today’s property management software systems can help you connect people and make them feel like part of the team. Give them access to the documents and reports they need, and communicate quickly and efficiently so everyone knows what’s going on. Lead with confidence because you know the whole story. No surprises. And fewer resignations.




Growing your revenue means having a clear picture of your properties’ worth. Overpricing could leave the building sitting empty, while underpricing leaves your money on the table. Turn that lose-lose into a win-win with software that can help you keep track of the market, get an overview of the rent history, and weigh the financial pros and cons of renovations and repairs.

More money, fewer problems. That’s a switch, huh?




Unexpected repairs can be costly in terms of both maintenance and tenant relationships. If you have a habit of failing to fix things quickly, you might as well install a permanent “for rent” sign in front of the door.

With the right property management software, you can track maintenance history. It’s easy to find out exactly when something was installed, if it’s been fixed before, and when it’s due for preventative maintenance. Create a schedule and set reminders. Impress your tenants by how quickly you respond to emergency maintenance situations, because you know the history of the asset and have easy access to the warranty, manual, and technician’s phone number.


Time Management


You’ve been reading this, right? Everything above adds up to time savings. You don’t have to dig through files or dial a dozen numbers to get the answers to your questions. All the information you need is at your fingertips. Building intelligence saves you time and money.


The Bottom Line: one-for-all Property Management Software

Lowering your operating costs is something that happens naturally when you can see your assets, understand their history, and access the information you need. You can create a strategic plan that helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and wasted time.

That’s building intelligence. That’s what we’re here for. Contact us for more information about solving all those common property management concerns with one software solution.