Take Property Management Software to the Next Level with Digital Twins for Buildings

Imagine being able to visualize your building data within your property management software. All of it. In one place. See exactly what you need to see as if it were right in front of you, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine that. It’s a real thing: digital twins for your properties. And it’s awesome.


What is A Digital Twin for Buildings?

Simply put, the digital twin for your building is a 3D representation of the interior and exterior. It brings everything together: 3D maps, area, component quantities, and more—simple and fun. Imagine the number of documents you’d need to recreate that outside of this property management software: actual floor plans and diagrams, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, and more—tedious and old-school. You’d be stuck in a meeting where everyone is flipping back and forth between documents to try to get the complete picture.

Look at it this way: you can either painstakingly describe how to find the broken water heater by entering the property through the north gate, taking a left after the leasing office, parking in an uncovered space in the West Lot, finding building 11 then going up the right set of stairs to apartment 203, and…

Or just show your technician the digital twin of your building, for goodness’ sake.


How Do Digital Twins for Buildings Help You Manage Properties?

In every way.

When you can localize and visualize building data, you can easily sort properties and assets within your property management software. All key building information is visually represented. How many toilets are there? Where are the water heaters located? Which units are occupied? Until when?

There’s more.

Since your property’s digital twin contains all essential information, whoever sees that digital twin gets an accurate look at what you’re working with. When you send it to a contractor, for example, you can get an accurate bid because measurements and quantities are correct. You don’t have to guess incorrectly and get forced to re-do everything when the technician doesn’t show up with sufficient replacement parts. Or, just as unfortunate for a busy property manager, spend hours or days trying to track down the correct information to give to the contractor in the first place.

When your team is all looking at the same visual representation, there’s less room for misunderstandings or miscommunications. There’s no need to dig through pages of data. Smart searching helps you find what you need quickly and easily, and you can zoom in and out to get a closer look.


How Digital Twins for Buildings Revolutionizes Property Management Software—and the Entire Industry

It gives us what we all want: more time to work, less lost revenue, clearer communication. Your property’s digital twin provides the vital information you need to make timely decisions. For the benefit of your team and your tenants alike.

We call it building intelligence. It’s the future of property management software, and it’s already at work today. You can put it to work for you, too.

For more information about digital twins for buildings, contact us. We’ll show you how Bryder will change the way you do property management forever.