Use Cases


Learn how Bryder, the leading Building Intelligence Platform, is used everyday by thousands of property managers around the globe to increase productivity.

Asset Management


Asset management done like never before.


Bryder’s innovative solution features all major asset categories that need to be recorded and offers a centralized database that turns your job into a fun game of “fill in the blanks.”


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Maintenance Maintenance


Maintenance management done right.


Bryder allows you to easily store and retrieve a number of key maintenance data points, serving both as a repository and as a maintenance log.


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Preventive Maintenance


Be great at preventive maintenance.


Bryder’s innovative solution allows you to create your own preventative maintenance plan, and consolidate it into one simple, easily accessible location.


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Leasing Maintenance


It’s time to shine at leasing management.


Bryder offers a simple, streamlined alternative to all the scattered spreadsheets, tables, graphs, and turns leasing management into a fun and intuitive activity.


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Property Estimations


Property estimations that stand out.


Bryder offers a section completely dedicated to the valuation process, and allows you to examine and export this information at the drop of a hat.


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Risk Management


Handling risk management the right way.


Bryder allows you to exercise foresight simply and easily by viewing your property’s most important information in one screen, with one click.


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Contact Management


Contact management that actually saves you time.


Bryder offers an easy-to-use “address book” of all contacts related to any given piece of property. In addition, we give you the capability to record and store the source of any critical information received.


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Team Collaboration


Team collaboration done better.


Bryder allows you to not only record, validate and retrieve important information from the right people, but also to quickly and easily distribute critical details to the right people.


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