Want to Know If Property Managers Can Work From Home? Here’s How They Can

There’s no doubt about it. The pandemic has shaken up the business world, in no small part. And in large part, due to the goal of reducing the amount of people working in a space together. When “social distancing” became an important factor in preventing the spread of this virus, many companies set about an incredibly quick and decisive transition to working from home. So let’s see if property managers can work from home, too.


Property managers tied in an office


There is no doubt that some places have been more successful than others. But, I’m sure, as a property manager, you’re wondering whether this transition can be a successful one for your industry. The answer is directly tied to how well you’ve created online systems that allow your team to work from anywhere.

Obviously, if every answer in your company is locked in an ultra-organized hard-copy system in the office, it will be complex and maybe even impossible for your team to accomplish their property management goals at this time. This, however, might be the perfect time to evaluate which parts of the property management operations can be moved online so that your team can work from anywhere.


So, how can you make it work from home?


The answer is: with a solid process for storing information, managing questions, and evaluating situations in your buildings under management. You’ll be able to turn your team into work-from-home champions if you create a robust, digital plan. It’s valuable now, for sure, but many industries are offering more and more workplace flexibility. The ability to work remotely is the wave of the future. It came to stay and, even in less dire circumstances, it is part of being on the cutting edge of the business world.

Consider how these processes can change when you have digital tools to help you and your team work effectively even when working remotely:

    • With easy-to-use data on all of your properties. If you receive emails or phone calls from tenants, landlords, or technicians, you can access in seconds the information that they need in order to move forward.


    • With reporting on digital platforms. This way you can have all the information you need to share with contractors even if they aren’t onsite or at the office. Simply bring up building schematics, data sets, or any other information that a contractor might need through your digital platform.


    • With an integrated website and communication systems. These days, everything from creating an application process for tenants to digital walkthroughs of the property can be managed online. Having a robust website for all stakeholders, including your own team, is essential to accomplish your goals remotely and efficiently.



Remote work, the future of property management


Companies worldwide have figured out that making their procedures flexible through digital processes saves them time in all kinds of non-pandemic cases. Does your team need to be at one building and answer a question about a different building on the phone? Now, they can do all of this in minutes rather than waiting till they are back at the office. These difficult circumstances have opened up many people’s minds to the possibilities for innovation. So if you were asking yourselves how can property managers work from home, we tell you. Now is the time to realize the benefits of remote working and digitization for the future of property management.